Wise reinvented postal cards


A series of  funny postal cards.

Wise reinvented.

Dimensions 11×16 cm

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    How Homer, Socrates and Aristotle would look like if they lived in today’s society? How can we ‘bring’ them into the present without losing their identity, their recognition and their aesthetical beauty? In ‘WISE REINVENTED’, with the sketchy, rough look portraits, the past has been brought to present. With special attention in detail, the identity of the original bust has been kept, while at the same time, new modern elements that ’brings’ the character into today have been added,  giving a realistic and at the same time surrealistic feel.  It is an outcome that will make even the most demanding art lover say that finally the Wise still live among us!


    Designed by Stavros Damo

    Wise reinvented

    Full pack of 3 postal cards