A game of memory and knowledge

Ages 3 +
1 + Players

Match the Gods and Heroes of Greek Mythology

No reading required to play

52 pieces

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Designed by Ioannis Ergeletzis

Nous [nús]- the Greek word for the mind, the higher power for knowledge, from which emanates the intellect, as opposed to the feeling and the will

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Nous [nús]- the Greek word for the mind, the higher power for knowledge, from which emanates the intellect, as opposed to the feeling and the will

Can you use your mind to remember all the cards that have already been opened, so as to match the one you opened with its ‘twin card’ and build a great stack in front of you?  Be careful though, if your opponents’ memory is stronger than yours, they might collect all the cards and leave no space for you. Pay attention to every card, any player flips, and grab the chance to start collecting your ‘twins’. The greater your stack is, the most likely to become the Greek legend you always dreamed of being is.

Nous  is a card game that tests your memory and knowledge. The 52 made to last cardboard cards, have lively colorful, minimalistic drawings making them easy to remember which will make you have a real blast with friends and family. It features all the significant Gods and Heroes of ancient Greek Mythology. From Zeus and Athena to Hercules and Perseus, this classic game is a great introduction to Greek Mythology for kids and adults.

Simple to set up and learn, children familiarize in taking turns. All you need is a sharp mind good memory, and a good knowledgeof our Gods and Heroes short  , and you can make the feat to become the real Greek legend!

The 52 cards consist of 26 pairs of similar characters – Greek Mythology Gods and Heroes. Mix and spread the 52 cards down in a grid, face down. Players take turns flipping 2 cards over. If the cards match, the player that finds them keeps them in a stack in from of him and continues playing until the 2 cards that he has turned over do not match. He then turns them back face down and the next player has a go. When there are no more cards facing down, the player with the most cards in his stack is the winner.

Interact with Gods and Heroes, learn more about the Greek mythology and find out our existing and upcoming games at

Advanced version: Each matching pair gives to the player that finds it 1 point. Earn an additional point by saying specific facts about the God or Hero you have found (you can find more infos on our website The player who has gathered the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

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